About maria luna

 Maria Luna is an international director and actress. When she was 17, she moved from Spain to San Francisco to start a double major in Performing Arts and Social Justice Theater, with Neuron-Psychology. Two years after, she realized she needed to expand, so she transferred to UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) to become part of the Theater, Film and Television Department.


    Luna started working at QED international before graduating. Maria also studied in the Stella Adler conservatory in New York where she invested her 'lunch money' money in attending as manny Broadway plays as possible. In Los Angeles, she studied with many well known professors, such as Howard Fine, Mary Lou Belly, Arthur Mendoza, Cameron Thor Studio, Judith Weston and Howard Fine. In her professional career, Maria has worked in various movies as an actor such as I.D Starship Rising or Engagement and in production or directing department of others such as Palo AltoRabi Dan Gets a Night Joband Journey of a Female Comic. And written and directed the films A Romanian Fairytaleand Dada. Both narrating stories with a social justice theme.


Aside from all this stuff, she has also ended in some of the most isolated or at risk places with her work with Non-Profit Organizations. From Rumania to Ivory Coast to India, she has worked in the areas of: education, farming, carpentry or any thing she was could get her hands on.  

    Making movies gives her the chance to unite her two passions: film and social justice work. Luna’s a storyteller, so as any actor, she loves any juicy role she can get her hands on, as well as telling stories that can reflect what is going on around the world and give a voice to those no one is listening to.